Wed 13 Nov - Fri 06 Dec 2019 'SYNCHRONICITIES' - Sue Leeming and Britt Mikkelsen (Gallery B)

WA artists Sue Leeming and Britt Mikkelsen allow process and nature to guide their practice creating moments of synergy in an exhibition of paintings and sculptures that belie their obvious differences. These synchronicities are the still small voice that guide us as we make sense of the nonsensical in a broken world.

Wed 13 Nov - Fri 06 Dec 2019 'A PARTY HAT FOR SAINT DENIS' - Dr. Matthew Jackson (Gallery A)

An exhibition of paintings by Matthew Jackson examining identity through the narrative interplay between truth, memory and imagination. The title of this series of work speaks to this weirdly redundant endeavour. Saint Denis, famously beheaded before being beatified, is often depicted as a saint with his detached head carried in his own hands. Suggesting a party hat for Saint Denis is both inciting a sense of ridiculousness, but at the same time posing the question; why should such tragic figures not be celebrated?



Wed 16 Oct - Sat 09 Nov 2019 'Boundary Turbulence' - Michelle Hyland (Gallery B)

New works exploring cyber borders and data leakage in a project developed in her recent residency in Berlin. 

Wed 16 Oct - Sat 09 Nov 2019 'Anthropocene' - Liam Dee (Gallery A)

A surrealist exploration of the machine age and its relationship with the natural world. This is a new collection of Liam Dee's pieces spanning the past five years of painting, sculpture and multi-media. 

Sat 21 Sep - Sat 21 Sep 2019 Natalie Briney & Paul Deej - ‘ Muses’ One night only public event Sat 21 Sep

A shared love of the female form has brought together PERTH illustrator  and muralist Paul Deej and Margaret River’s mixed media artist Natalie Briney for a joint exhibition MUSES on one night only Sat 21 September @ 6pm at STALA CONTEMPORARY. 

Wed 07 Aug - Sat 14 Sep 2019 'HOLD ON' - Alex Maciver & Sam Bloor

Through a series of mixed media paintings and sculptural installations, the works in HOLD ON draw influence from subculture, anarchy, protests and stereotyping. The artists — each through their lens’ of influence and experience — individually experiment with layering of text, texture and image which represent the complexities and agitations arising from their cultural observations.

Maciver enlists a bold, abstracted style in his works which are accompanied by a series of floor standing sculptures, whilst Bloor mixes more formal text-based works, with banners, iconography and space altering installation treatments.

Sat 13 Jul - Fri 02 Aug 2019 'Curiouser and Curiouser' - Shana James

Shana James has been a practising artist in WA for 30 years and has been exploring the story of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll since 2015. Her new exhibition 'Curiouser and Curiouser' has her most recent 'Alice' work in the front gallery, concerning the liminal space of Alice falling, and the back gallery has a selection of Alice artwork spanning the past five years - a mini retrospective of  previous Alice artwork, showing the development of her practice and associated ideas.

Wed 12 Jun - Fri 05 Jul 2019 'In the Moment' - Chloe Tupper & Kathryn Haug

A joint solo exhibition of new work by Chloe Tupper and Kathryn Haug combining still life, landscape and portraiture. It is a must-see show!

Fri 07 Jun - Fri 07 Jun 2019 LIVE ART EVENT: Houndstooth v Creatives Collide

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Creatives Collide's Kaye Guthrie-Adonis comes together with respected canine photographer Alex Cearns OAM and10 of Perth's coolest contentemporary artists to live paint onto Alex's favourite pooch pics set on 1 x 1m canvases.

Thu 16 May - Tue 28 May 2019 'The Tin Heads' @ Spectrum Project Space, ECU in conjunction with STALA CONTEMPORARY - Ellen Norrish

STALA CONTEMPORARY proudly presents ‘The Tin Heads’ by Ellen Norrish at Spectrum Project Space, ECU. This is an exhibition celebrating an ever-growing collection of 10,000 tins owned by retirees Margaret and Robert Gaston. The couple display the tins in a large shed on their farm in Waggrakine, a suburb on the outskirts of Geraldton in Western Australia’s Mid West region. 

* 'The Tin Heads' body of work is now part of the  'Alternative Archive' exhibition on show at Geraldton Regional Art Gallery' 31 May - 20 July 2019 *

Wed 20 Mar - Sat 06 Apr 2019 'Bloom' - Wade Taylor

Bloom explores the relationship between painting and the film image, between personal memory and its connection with the histories of those who are strangers. Working from a long-ago acquired collection of Kodachrome film slides, Wade interprets images and worlds that he has had no direct experience with. Locations, subjects and time periods are unknown but through the process of painting the subjects take on a personal dimension, borrowing memories and elaborating, editing, and drawing out narrative. The work is a process of restoring life to forgotten histories.

Tue 11 Dec - Sat 12 Jan 2019 'WIP' (Work in Progress) - Group Exhibition (Image courtesy Ian Williams artist)

STALA CONTEMPORARY is proud to celebrate the opening of its new gallery premises with its inaugural group exhibition 'WIP (Work in Progress' running 11 -29 December 2018. Featuring an exuberant and eclectic assembly of 17 exceptional artists:

Adam Hisham Ismail/ Alex Maciver/ Anna Sabadini/ Anne Walmsley/ Ayad Alqaragholli/ Denise Pepper/ Di Cubitt/ Ellen Norrish/ Jarrad Martyn/ Kathryn Haug/ Kim Hyunji/ Liam Dee/ Marcia Espinosa/ Michelle Hyland/ Richard Healy/ Sue Leeming/ Wade Taylor

Affordable/Collectable Art from the West End Arts Precinct to you!

Image courtesy Ian Williams artist


Tue 13 Mar - Fri 23 Mar 2018 'reincarnation' - Group Exhibition

'reincarnation' is the first group exhibition to celebrate the launch of STALA CONTEMPORARY. Running TUESDAY 13 - Friday 23 March 'reincarnation' features a stellar line up of 13 diverse and dynamic contemporary artists from WA, Melbourne and Sydney,. STALA CONTEMPORARY is thrilled to be featuring painting, drawing and sculptures by Richard Healy (Sydney), Kim Hyunji (Melbourne), Kathryn Haug, Jarrad Martyn, Alex Maciver, Wade Taylor, Michelle Hyland, Di Cubitt, Ayad Alqaragholli, Marcia Espinosa, Anne Walmsley, Ellen Norrish and Adam Hisham Ismail.

Participating artists have been invited to exhibit new or recent works that respond to the theme of reincarnation.

Fri 25 Nov - Sat 17 Dec 2016 'Unresolving' - Kathryn Haug

emerge ART SPACE is delighted to be holding Kathryn Haug's important fifth solo painting exhibition 'Unresolving' at Turner Galleries' Engine Room 2 opening 6pm FRIDAY 25 November and running until Saturday 17 December 2016. We look forward to seeing all of our clients, old and new at this fabulous new show! 

Sat 29 Oct - Sun 13 Nov 2016 'Prepostions' - Anna Sabadini (Nyisztor Gallery)

A solo exhibition of works on paper by Anna Sabadini at Nyisztor Gallery held in 2016

Thu 10 Dec - Sun 20 Dec 2015 'Glass and More' Xmas Emporium - Glass Group Exhibition (Gallery hire exhibition)

A group exhibition of nine acclaimed glass artists at emerge ART SPACE - Denise Pepper, Nada Kesic, Vivienne Jagger, Ian Kay, Janine Koefoed, Greg Ash, Sylvana Ferrario and Myra Staffa.

Thu 22 Oct - Sat 05 Dec 2015 'Cold Light' - Anne Walmsley

This beautiful painting exhibition expands on a continuing project of Anne Walmsley's experiences in France and Catalonia observed and felt through an extremely cold spring. Romanticism, beauty, nostalgia and time permeate the paintings of 'Cold Light'...a collection of interiors, exteriors and still life paintings that observe tradition. This is Anne's third solo at emerge. 

Tue 06 Oct - Sun 11 Oct 2015 (Gallery hire photographic exhibition) - 'TRANSITION' - Anita Ozolins

Anita Ozolins is a Writer, Photographer and Teacher. She travels all over the world and aims to capture images to inspire people to live their dreams and pursue their passions within the finite time we have on this planet. 'TRANSITION'  is her first solo photographic exhibition. 


Wed 02 Sep - Fri 25 Sep 2015 'Tales and tailings' - Gigi Hesterman

Gigi Hesterman returns to emerge ART SPACE for ‘Tales and tailings’, a body of work that explores the impermanence of even extraordinarily large human endeavours. This is Gigi’s third solo exhibition at emerge ART SPACE.

Wed 22 Jul - Wed 19 Aug 2015 'Medley' - Group exhibition

An eclectic group exhibition by some of our favourite artists including Kathryn Haug, Chloe Tupper, Di Cubitt, Jarrad Martyn, Dianne Gall, Alana McVeigh and Denise Pepper.

Wed 03 Jun - Sat 27 Jun 2015 'Ptych' - Tanya van Irsen

Tanya van Irsen's second solo showcasing her phenomenal paper 2D/3D artworks. Using everyday urban objects as muse, Tanya van Irsen captures the formal qualities from these objects and converts them into hypnotic sequences of pattern and unity. Must-see!


Wed 22 Apr - Sat 23 May 2015 'Holiday' - Richard Healy

We are beyond THRILLED that we will be showing Richard Healy's new solo exhibition, five years after his sellout first solo in 2010 and his extended studies in San Francisco! Contact us if you want to be on the preview list.

Fri 10 Apr - Wed 15 Apr 2015 (Gallery hire exhibition) - 'TIME AND A PLACE' - Lesley Anne Witham

Wed 04 Mar - Sat 28 Mar 2015 'Koor/Idding - (To Come Back)' - Lindsay Harris

‘Koor / Idding (To Come Back)’ the eleventh solo exhibition by one of our favourites, acclaimed Noongar artist Lindsay Harris featuring both recent paintings and some works not previously seen in WA. Lindsay’s powerful abstract paintings on hemp havebeen collected by many significant institution and private collections including the Art Gallery of WA, the National Gallery of Victoria and many more. 

Wed 04 Feb - Sat 28 Feb 2015 'Urban eScape' - Michelle Hyland

Our first exciting exhibition for 2015 'Urban eScape' by Michelle Hyland is a new range of paintings exploring the contemporary music festival interactions of people in our urban environment.

Mon 19 Jan - Sun 25 Jan 2015 (Gallery hire exhibition) - 'BIPEDS, HIGHWAYS' - Inframundo Collective

Wed 17 Dec - Sun 21 Dec 2014 (Gallery hire exhibition) - 'Memento Mori Letters - Conversations with the internet' Book Launch - Lisa Paris

Book Launch - Poetry and Prints

To be opened by artist Matthew Jackson.

RSVP for opening is essential. Phone Lisa on 0412 754 796 to join the guest list.

Wed 19 Nov - Sat 13 Dec 2014 'Ngi'i Chu'uchi Minthama - These (are) little (but) beautiful' (Lockhart River Miniatures Show - Group Exhibition)

A group exhibition of exquisite miniatures by a selection of artists from the acclaimed indigenous art community of Lockhart River, far northern Queensland. The exhibition features 106 stunning paintings by Silas Hobson, Elizabeth 'Queenie' Giblet, Irene Namok, Josiah Omeenyo, Evelyn Omeenyo and introducing new artists Margery Accoom and Norm Young. Also featured are tiny beautiful baskets crafted by the masterful weavers of the community Margery Accoom and Evelyn Omeenyo (who are sisters).

We are also privileged to be showing the last ever miniature 'naive' ceramics of the late Lawrence Omeenyo who was short-listed in 2013 for the WA Indigenous Art Awards.

Just in time for Christmas all of these little gems are both collectable and highly affordable with all works only $150-$200 each. Pictured are some representative works of each of the artists.


Wed 15 Oct - Sat 08 Nov 2014 Cut from The Same Cloth - Denise Pepper

Wed 27 Aug - Sat 20 Sep 2014 'Adjustment' - Felicity Sivewright

Over the past few years Felicity Sivewright's art practice has shifted focus from delicate organic pattern and become bolder. Scenes of ‘progress’ in the form of construction sites, road works and mining images around Western Australia have offered alternative sources of visual material from which to generate new work in this third solo painting exhibition. 

Wed 23 Jul - Sat 09 Aug 2014 'REFORMATION' - Alana McVeigh

Alana McVeigh's work is primarily an investigation of the vessel through simplicity, line and shape. This recent body of work 'REFORMATION' questions the idea of 'the vessel' through a series of deconstructed/reconstructed wheel thrown forms. The works are driven by an engagement with the making and sensory understanding by the maker.

REFORMATION Series 1, is an ongoing exploration and experimentation extending from Alana's current PhD research. Each reconstruction is influenced by the joins, intersecting lines, shadow and markings found in architecture, in both Europe and Western Australia during her recent artist in residence engagements.

Alana is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Fremantle Arts Centre and gratefully acknowledges their assistance. 


Wed 16 Jul - Sun 20 Jul 2014 (Gallery hire exhibition) - 'PRINTPRESSPAINT' - Patricia Hines

Mon 07 Jul - Sun 13 Jul 2014 (Gallery hire exhibition): - 'MAKING THE WORLD A HOME' - Terry Mathews

Wed 04 Jun - Sat 28 Jun 2014 'Re-' Tanya van Irsen

The first solo of Central Tafe graduate Tanya van Irsen of three-dimensional printed paper works explore the perception of order and chaos in repetition and replication. We are thrilled to present these new wall works in her signature monochromatic palette!

Wed 30 Apr - Sat 24 May 2014 'La Maison Rose' - Anne Walmsley

emerge is thrilled to show the follow-up painting solo to Anne Walmsley's sell-out first show in 2012. The works are the culmination of a residency in France in 2013 and will be eagerly anticipated!

Mon 21 Apr - Sun 27 Apr 2014 (Gallery hire exhibition): Parsing Dreams - Biljana Stojanovic

Wed 19 Mar - Fri 11 Apr 2014 'Parallel' - Kathryn Haug and Chloe Tupper

‘Parallel’ is the intersection of joint solo exhibitions of former Curtin University graduates and peers Kathryn Haug and Chloe Tupper who have been making matching still life paintings- that is working from the same still life and producing quite different results. Kathryn has had three highly successful solo shows at emerge and was a first time finalist in the 2013 Doug Moran painting prize. We are thrilled to introduce Chloe’s elegant and restrained vignettes to the gallery.

Wed 12 Feb - Sat 08 Mar 2014 'Romanah (Pomegranate)' - Ayad Alqaragholli

Iraqi-born sculptor Ayad Alqaragholli's fourth solo exhibition at emerge featuring stunning new bronze sculptures referencing the comman thread linking people of all creeds. A must-see for 2014!

Wed 22 Jan - Wed 05 Feb 2014 'Souvenirs' - Emily ten Raa

The second solo painting exhibition by previous 'cream Art Award' winner Emily ten Raa exploring some of the landscapes and US cultures with an enthusiastic interest in the historical past and collecting that fascinated her while travelling in 2013.

Wed 20 Nov - Wed 18 Dec 2013 'Dancing in the dark' - Michelle Hyland

emerge ART SPACE is delighted to introduce the work of Michelle Hyland, showcasing her vibrant and atmospheric paintings of the festival/dance culture of our inner city culture. A celebratory way to wind up 2013 please do come to meet Michelle and enjoy these intense and intimate narrative paintings!

Wed 16 Oct - Sat 09 Nov 2013 'Ngampula kuunchi - We are family' - Lockhart River Artists Group Exhibition

emerge ART SPACE is proud to invite you to the opening of ‘Ngampula kuunchi  - We are family’, a group exhibition of new paintings by artists from the renowned Lockhart River Indigenous Arts Community on Wed 16 Oct, 6 – 7.30pm.

Wed 28 Aug - Wed 18 Sep 2013 'Eclectica' - Group Exhibition

A group exhibition by some of the eclectic and interesting artists we represent, including some we haven't shown for a while! 

Wed 24 Jul - Wed 21 Aug 2013 'cream 5 - Looking through the Image' - Jarrad Martyn

The 2012 ‘cream Art Award’ winner announced by emerge ART SPACE is Curtin University graduate Jarrad Martyn. This solo ‘cream 5’ exhibition will be Jarrad’s first commercial gallery exhibition. 

Wed 19 Jun - Fri 05 Jul 2013 'Morphology' - Daniel Iley


After a number of busy years working on a variety of public art projects, Daniel Iley is back exhibiting at emerge with ‘Morphology’, a new solo exploring the inner and outer workings of the natural world with a series of outstanding new sculptures. 

Wed 22 May - Wed 12 Jun 2013 'Uncertain Beauty' - Sophie Hann


Sophie Hann is an Adelaide born painter and recipient of the AGNSW's Dyasen Bequest for international study. She has studied at the New York Studio School and had a mentorship with acclaimed artist Robert Hannaford.

Her work has been selected for numerous exhibitions and prizes including the Portia Geach, the Brett Whiteley Scholarship and the Alice Bale Memorial Prize. emerge ART SPACE is delighted to be showing her first WA solo exhibition of exquisite paintings.

Proudly supported by Arts SA.


Wed 03 Apr - Wed 08 May 2013 'Subject Matters' - Ben Sherar


In a continuing exploration of light and dark, local artist Ben Sherar will showcase a new series of moody and intriguing domestic still life paintings with a twist.


‘Subject Matters’ will be Ben’s third solo exhibition.

Wed 27 Feb - Sat 23 Mar 2013 'Ngaaditj Boodja (Salt Country)' - Lindsay Harris

This is both the ninth solo exhibition by Noongar artist Lindsay Harris and the first exhibition at our new gallery location 827 Beaufort St (cnr Sixth Ave) Inglewood. The focus of this haunting new body of work is the legacy of devestation that clearing of the land and its subsequent salt encroachment has had on Lindsay's land in and around the wheatbelt town of Kwolyin.

Wed 12 Dec - Fri 21 Dec 2012 The Affordable/Collectable Lockhart River Show 2012

Group exhibition featuring Silas Hobson, Adrian King, Irene Namok, Josiah Omeenyo and Patrick Butcher.

Wed 14 Nov - Fri 07 Dec 2012 'Creatures GREAT and small' - Sharon Dawes

Wed 17 Oct - Fri 02 Nov 2012 'In My Cupboard' - Anne Walmsley and 'Luminosity' - Alana McVeigh

The first painting solo exhibition by Anne Walmsley at emerge ART SPACE. In My Cupboard is a still-life series that have a nostalgic feel. These works are part of Anne's on-going investigations into the ordinary, domestic ‘everyday’. She values objects, materials or spaces as carriers of time and memory.

Wed 22 Aug - Fri 28 Sep 2012 'The Passage South' - Ayad Alqaragholli

Wed 25 Jul - Wed 15 Aug 2012 'Transmute'- Kathryn Haug

Kathryn Haug’s important third solo at emerge continues her unique use of paint to portray the familiar in new and unfamiliar ways. This new exhibition will feature both her signature portrait studies and her quietly powerful rural landscapes. **Works are available for sale now.**

Wed 13 Jun - Tue 03 Jul 2012 'cream 4: Hide and Seek'- Emily ten Raa

Emily ten Raa is the joint 2011 winner of our annual 'cream Art Award'. This 'cream 4: Hide and Seek' exhibition will be her first solo exhibition of oil paintings and is a 'must-see' show!

Thu 17 May - Sat 02 Jun 2012 'Half Follies' - Pierre Capponi

This is Pierre Capponi's important third solo exhibition featuring his signature distinctive pressed tin sculptures.

Tue 24 Apr - Sat 12 May 2012 'cream 4'- Dominique

This year, for the first time emerge ART SPACE is awarding a dual 'cream Art Award' to two separate winners. The award goes jointly to Emily ten Raa, a 2011 Visual Arts graduate of Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley and Dominique, a 2011 Visual Arts graduate of Polytechnic West in Midland. Both artists are to be congratulated and will hold separate solo exhibitions at emerge ART SPACE in 2012.

Wed 21 Mar - Wed 11 Apr 2012 'Ngayu Kulmin Kunthakuntha (I return strong)' - Silas Hobson

An exhibition of new works by Silas Hobson, one of the original 'Lockhart River Art Gang' members from the acclaimed indigenous art community in far Northern QLD. The ever popular Silas has not exhibited for several years so we are delighted to be the only gallery in Australia with these flamboyant and dramatic new paintings.

Wed 07 Mar - Sat 17 Mar 2012 '4G Four Generations' (Photography Exhibition) - Richard Barry

emerge ART SPACE is delighted to be showing '4G Four Generations', a new photographic exhibition by Richard Barry.

Tue 06 Dec - Fri 16 Dec 2011 'Directors' Cut' - Group Exhibition

An engaging selection of new and stockroom works including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass and jewellery from a selection of emerge's represented artists including Pierre Capponi, Di Cubitt, Sharon Dawes, Estelle Dean, Dianne Gall, Kathryn Haug, Lindsay Harris, Thomas Heidt, Gigi Hesterman, Alana McVeigh, Ben Sherar, Felicity Sivewright, David Small, Catherine Swioklo and jewellery designer Charlotte Sykora.

Wed 09 Nov - Fri 02 Dec 2011 'Celestial Animal' - Sharon Dawes

Celestial Animal will be the fourth solo exhibition by Sharon Dawes, whose beautifully rendered paintings of animals continue to be highly sought after.

Sun 09 Oct - Fri 04 Nov 2011 'If not for the dawn' - Ben Sherar

Ben Sherar’s second solo exhibition at emerge continues his moody and evocative oil paintings examining the Perth urban inner-city nightscape and the shadowy ambiguity of alleyways, car parks and the concrete underbelly of the city after dark. This is another powerful show with Ben’s signature intrinsic light permeating and illuminating these new works.

Wed 14 Sep - Fri 30 Sep 2011 'Shaping the Land' - David Small and 'Odyssey' - Catherine Swioklo

This is the joint solo exhibitions of David Small and Catherine Swioklo.

Wed 24 Aug - Fri 09 Sep 2011 'Entropy: Pierre & Piero' - Anna Sabadini

In this exhibition of new works Anna Sabadini creates exquisite oil paintings exploring her ongoing interest in romantic and classical themes in painting.

Wed 27 Jul - Fri 12 Aug 2011 'Umi - You an Me together' - Susie Pascoe , Irene Namok & Elizabeth 'Queenie' Giblet (Lockhart River Art Community QLD)

Sue, Irene & ‘Queenie’ are considered as the premier senior female indigenous artists to be producing work from the acclaimed Lockhart River Art Community Qld.

Wed 01 Jun - Fri 17 Jun 2011 'Time Slot' - Thomas Heidt

Time Slot’ is Thomas Heidt’s second solo exhibition following on from his acclaimed first show ‘cream 1’ in 2008, an exhibition prize awarded annually by emerge ART SPACE to an outstanding tertiary arts graduate.

Wed 11 May - Fri 27 May 2011 'Boodja Yaaragut (Earth on Top)'- Lindsay Harris

This exhibition follows on from Lindsay’s selection in the upcoming National Indigenous Art Triennial 2012 at the National Gallery of Australia. This prestigious exhibition showcases those artists who have been selected as the top 20 indigenous artists in Australia. ‘Boodja Yaaragut (Earth on Top)‘ will be Lindsay’s sixth solo exhibition of his signature powerful resin and pigment paintings on hemp depicting his country Kwolyin and the stories of his Noongar people. His work is becoming increasingly sought after and as such significant works have recently been acquired by private collectors in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Canada and extensively across Australia. A not–to-be missed exhibition!

Wed 30 Mar - Fri 15 Apr 2011 'Come the Night' - Dianne Gall

emerge is delighted to be showing acclaimed South Australian artist Dianne Gall’s solo exhibition of paintings 'Come the night'. Dianne has been exhibiting extensively in Australia since 1985 and will be exhibiting in Hamilton, Canada this October. This new body of work continues her exploration of ‘Film Noir’ inspired paintings that ‘are a snapshot of being human, a voyeuristic representation of the journey we must take through life'.

Wed 09 Mar - Fri 25 Mar 2011 'Transience' - Di Cubitt

Continuing with her interest in the natural environment, Di Cubitt has drawn on a place close to home for the inspiration for her second solo exhibition. Having moved for the first time to a house with a large garden, these paintings are a celebration of the discoveries and unexpected surprises found within the many life cycles and seasonal changes in that space, the anticipation of new growth and the beauty that can be found in death and decay.

Wed 09 Feb - Fri 25 Feb 2011 'Grasp'- Kathryn Haug

This is Kathryn Haug's stunning second solo exhibition and her new work continues an exploration of the paint medium and the manipulation of paint. The work focuses on the materiality of paint - the way it looks, feels and behaves - as well as investigating the act of making a representation of something directly from life; where observation, correction, repetition, and passing time come into play.

Tue 30 Nov - Sat 11 Dec 2010 'The Affordable/Collectable Lockhart River Show 2010'

The second in our annual series of 'Affordable/Collectable' Group exhibitions from the highly acclaimed Lockhart River Art Community. Featured will be dynamic new works by the currently highly sought after Patrick Butcher , Cheryl Accoom , 'Old Girls' Susie Pascoe , Doris Platt & Elizabeth 'Queenie' Giblet , Irene Namok and Fiona Omeenyo and Josiah Omeenyo.

Wed 10 Nov - Fri 26 Nov 2010 'Reconfigured' - A group exhibition of figurative paintings.

Introducing three new artists - acclaimed South Australian artists Dianne Gall and Richard Maurovic and WA artist Karen Seaman.

Tue 12 Oct - Fri 29 Oct 2010 'Texas' - Jimmy McKenzie

Jimmy McKenzie was born on Texas Downs station near the Bungle Bungle Massif (Purnululu) in the east Kimberley WA.

Thu 09 Sep - Wed 30 Jun 2010 'cream 03' - Richard Healy

'cream 03' is Curtin University graduate Richard Healy's first solo exhibition at emerge ART SPACE following on from being chosen as the 2009 winner of emerge ART SPACE's 'cream Art Award'.

Wed 08 Sep - Fri 24 Sep 2010 'Kiss and Fly'- Ayad Alqaragholli

An exhibition of new sculptures and a selection of paintings by popular Iraqi born artist Ayad Alqaragholli. Ayad exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe 2010 and this new show follows on from his recent participation in an exhibition of renowned sculptors in Jordan. In addition to his signature human form sculptures in copper and bronze 'Kiss and Fly' will also feature new paintings referencing Ayad's cultural upbringing in southern Iraq.

Wed 11 Aug - Fri 27 Aug 2010 'Concrete Reflections' - Ben Sherar

An exhibition of new oil paintings by local artist Ben Sherar exploring themes of consumerism and waste and the continual concrete inroads that society has made on once fertile city areas.

Wed 21 Jul - Fri 06 Aug 2010 'Walls Talk' - Pierre Capponi & Denise Pepper

This will be a not-to-be-missed show: joint solo exhibitions by sought after sculptor Pierre Capponi and acclaimed glass artist Denise Pepper.

Wed 12 May - Fri 28 May 2010 'Nyiikumu Kiikana - New looking' - Cheryl Accoom and Irene Namok

This is the important joint first solo exhibition of rising star young artist Cheryl Accoom and her mentor, senior painter Irene Namok from the acclaimed Lockhart River art Community, far northern Queensland.

Wed 21 Apr - Fri 07 May 2010 'Disconnection'- Claire Steele / 'Osmosis' - Alana McVeigh

A joint solo exhibition between award winning portrait painter Claire Steele and acclaimed ceramicist Alana McVeigh.

Wed 17 Mar - Thu 01 Apr 2010 'Kaarlagup (Place of my home, my fire)' - Lindsay Harris

This will be Nyoongar artist Lindsay Harris' fifth solo exhibition. Lindsay is an award winning artist who paints with resins, ochres and pigments on hemp about his country Kwolyin, a tiny now deserted siding town in the eastern West Australian wheatbelt.

Wed 17 Feb - Fri 05 Mar 2010 'Yuma Kuuntha (strong fires inside)' - Elizabeth 'Queenie' Giblet , Susie Pascoe , Doris Platt

A three woman exhibition by the following acclaimed senior 'Old Girl' artists Doris Platt , Elizabeth "Queenie" Giblet & Susie Pascoe of the prestigious Lockhart River Art Community QLD.

Wed 25 Nov - Sun 13 Dec 2009 'cream 02' - Kathryn Haug

In December 2007 emerge ART SPACE initiated the 'cream' award for an outstanding final year tertiary arts graduate and the 2008 recipient was Kathryn Haug, a painter and graduate of Curtin University. The 'cream 02' exhibition (her first solo) is the culmination of this award and will showcase Kathryn's luscious paintings, using her signature thickly applied gestural paint depictions of humble everyday domestic objects and memories of a blissful rural childhood. Using economy of line Kathryn effortlessly conveys complex objects with a unique 'liveliness'.

Wed 04 Nov - Fri 20 Nov 2009 Affordable/Collectable Lockhart River Show' - 2009

Featuring affordable yet highly collectable works from acclaimed artists of the Lockhart River Art Community.

Wed 14 Oct - Fri 30 Oct 2009 'Zoo One Eleven' - Sharon Dawes

Following on from her very successful first solo exhibition 'Colonial Animal' (June 2008) artist Sharon Dawes presents 'Zoo One Eleven' , an exploration into the opening of Perth Zoo in 1898. Using a 'Transcript of an Article in the West Australian' dated Monday 17th October 1898 Dawes re-creates the foundation animals of the zoo, in her own unique style.

Wed 09 Sep - Fri 25 Sep 2009 'Then and Now' - Felicity Sivewright

Following on from her very successful first solo exhibition 'Colonial Animal' (June 2008) artist Sharon Dawes presents 'Zoo One Eleven' , an exploration into the opening of Perth Zoo in 1898. Using a 'Transcript of an Article in the West Australian' dated Monday 17th October 1898 Dawes re-creates the foundation animals of the zoo, in her own unique style.

Wed 12 Aug - Sun 30 Aug 2009 'From Mesopotamia' - Ayad Alqaragholli

A solo exhibition of new bronze sculptures by Iraq-born artist Ayad Alqaragholli.

Wed 22 Jul - Fri 07 Aug 2009 'My Mind is the Sky | My Body is the Sea' - Jonah Cacioppe

A collection of new paintings and prints exploring the interdependence of nature and humanity.

Sat 20 Jun - Fri 12 Jun 2009 'New Works from Lockhart River' - Group Exhibition

New works by Lockhart River artists Adrian King, Josiah Omeenyo, Elizabeth 'Queenie' Giblet and introducing Irene Namok. This is a joint exhibition running alongside Moira Macumboy's 'My Country, My Place'.

Wed 20 May - Fri 05 Jun 2009 'My Country My Place' - Moira Macumboy

The first solo exhibition in Australia of this highly collectable artist who has already shown in group exhibitions in Italy and the United States.

Wed 29 Apr - Fri 15 May 2009 'OBJECTIFY' - A group exhibition

Featuring the sculptures of Thomas Heidt, Pierre Capponi and Daniel Iley, new southern ice porcelain vessels by ceramicist Alana McVeigh, jewellery by up-and-coming jewellers Kim Wong and Justin Linney, Katrina Virgona's textile a works, glass forms by Denise Pepper and bronze sculptures by Ayad Alqaragholli.

Wed 25 Mar - Thu 09 Apr 2009 'Tunnelled Vision' - Gigi Hesterman

A solo exhibition of new paintings in which Gigi explores ideas relating to 'progress, direction and concentrated intent'.

Wed 04 Mar - Fri 20 Mar 2009 'Vespers' - Francesco Villicich

A time of the day when evening falls A sacred moment for prayers An intimate search for clarity.

Wed 04 Feb - Sun 22 Feb 2009 'Story - Places' - Susie Pascoe

The first solo exhibition in Australia by Aboriginal artist Susie Pascoe from the acclaimed Lockhart River Art Community, Cape York Peninsula, far northern Queensland.

Wed 26 Nov - Sun 14 Dec 2008 'cream 01' - Thomas Heidt

This is sculptor Thomas Heidt's first solo show as the inaugural recipient of the emerge ART SPACE 'cream' award for an outstanding tertiary institution arts graduate.

Wed 05 Nov - Sun 23 Nov 2008 'Skin of the land (Boodja Ngoorl)' - Lindsay Harris

Following on from his previous two highly successful exhibitions.

Wed 15 Oct - Sun 02 Nov 2008 'Translation' - Anna Sabadini

A solo exhibition from this phenomenal painter 'framing' the world from a bilingual perspective.

Wed 03 Sep - Sun 21 Sep 2008 'Lie of the land' - David Small

An exploration of landscape in charcoal and pastels by this talented artist

Wed 06 Aug - Sun 24 Aug 2008 'Tchi'ilpu Wunch Wuncha Wulpa'amu: Old Men and Young Men Coming Together for Men's Business' - Group Exhibition

Silas Hobson , Adrian King , Josiah Omeenyo , Lawrence Omeenyo , Sammy Clarmont, Patrick Butcher , Leroy & Terry Platt. A group exhibition of prints and paintings by the male artists of the Lockhart River Art Community

Thu 12 Jun - Fri 04 Jul 2008 'Colonial Animal' - Sharon Dawes

Sharon Dawes first solo exhibition is an exploration in paintings of the animal species that were introduced to Australia on the First Fleet and beyond.

Wed 21 May - Sun 08 Jun 2008 SEX BOMBS & BLISS'- Jonah Cacioppe

After last year's sell out show in London, Perth raised painter Jonah Cacioppe returns to Perth for his first solo show in WA at emerge ART SPACE. Following on from the London show, also titled 'Sex, Bombs & Bliss', Jonah has produced a body of work addressing the enduring themes of beauty, death and the sublime.

Wed 30 Apr - Sun 18 May 2008 'Umpoula Kououkouounji umpoula Ma’apina: We Old Girls work together Make Painting’ - The Old Girls of Lockhart River QLD

This is a group exhibition by fourteen senior women artists from the acclaimed Lockhart River Art Community, Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. Artists feature are painters Joanne Butcher , Denise Fruit , Susie Pascoe , Maria Butcher , Moira Macumboy , Doris Platt , Ina Waradoo , Maureen Sandy , Minnie Pascoe and Elizabeth "Queenie" Giblet . Weavers showcasing work are Evelyn Omeenyo, Lorraine Clarmont, Dottie Hobson, Veronica Piva and Natasha Accoom.

Thu 17 Apr - Sun 20 Apr 2008 'Hideaway' - Mason Kimber

This new series of works titled 'Hideaway' (Renault New Generation Art at Art Melbourne 08) explore the narrative potency of empty houses by creating an interaction between loose, painterly surfaces and solid life-like structures.

Wed 26 Mar - Sun 13 Apr 2008 'Inanimate/Animate’ - Daniel Iley

The first solo exhibition of sculptures by Daniel Iley referencing the organic forms of nature in a variety of media.

Wed 13 Feb - Sun 09 Mar 2008 'mix' - A group exhibition

Featuring painting and sculpture by emerge artists Pierre Capponi, Di Cubitt, Estelle Dean, Lindsay Harris, Gigi Hesterman, Mason Kimber, Angela McHarrie, Alana McVeigh, Berenice Rarig, Felicity Sivewright and introducing Jonah Cacioppe, Sharon Dawes, Daniel Iley and Jake Snell .

Wed 14 Nov - Sun 09 Dec 2007 'Momentum' - Pierre Capponi

The first Australian solo sculpture exhibition of Marseille born artist Pierre Capponi using his signature medium of recycled pressed tin.

Fri 19 Oct - Fri 09 Nov 2007 'Mepla One (we are one) - Fiona Omeenyo (Lockhart River Art Community) and introducing the 'Old Girls' of Lockhart River

Moira Macumboy , Dorothy Short , Elizabeth 'Queenie' Giblet , Joanne Butcher , Maria Butcher , Susie Pascoe , Minnie Pascoe , Denise Fruit and Doris Platt Selected images from the exhibition. Further images available on request.

Wed 05 Sep - Sun 23 Sep 2007 'Outsider' - Mason Kimber

The title for this second solo show describes the viewer's point of view in all of the works - an outsider. These paintings attempt to describe the feeling of being a foreigner in a public space. The original locations of the scenes are based on recent photographs taken in Cuba, Mexico, Greece and also around where I live. Although based on photographs, once entering the realm of paint they transform into places that may only exist in imagination

Wed 15 Aug - Sun 02 Sep 2007 'Liquid Thought' - Di Cubitt

My inspiration for these works in my first solo exhibition stems from my interest in how we perceive the elemental forces of our world, such as the movement of wind, thermals, air pressure and so on. These phenomena are more often felt than seen, but the marks left on the materials they come in contact with are a visible reminder of their existence.

Wed 25 Jul - Sun 12 Aug 2007 'Feathering Nests' - Gigi Hesterman

Gigi's first solo exhibition explores ideas pertaining to self-identity, transience, life values and choices, the fragility and vulnerability of our social fabric and the notion of preciousness.

Sun 17 Jun - Fri 06 Jul 2007 'ALINED' - Lindsay Harris & Alana McVeigh

Joint solo exhibitions by acclaimed Nyoongar contemporary painter Lindsay Harris and the ethereal Southern Ice porcelain vessels of ceramicist Alana McVeigh.

Wed 23 May - Wed 13 Jun 2007 'Wifebeater' - Eli Smith

Wife beater. Got your attention, didn't it? It's a highly charged word and by definition, a masculine act of aggression. And then there is the other wifebeater. A slang reference to the blue Chesty Bonds singlet often worn by shearers, truck drivers, laboureres - men stereotyped by a dependence on their strong physicality.

Fri 27 Apr - Fri 18 May 2007 'RESET' (Refiguring, Emerging, Surfacing, Expanding, Transforming) - Felicity Sivewright

The first solo exhibition of exquisitely rendered layered abstract paintings by Felicity Sivewright.

Tue 13 Mar - Wed 04 Apr 2007 'believing is seeing' - Angela McHarrie

'believing is seeing' is a playful exploration of our relationship to the objects around us and how what we know influences what we see.

Wed 22 Nov - Fri 15 Dec 2006 'WRAPPED UP' - Group Exhibition

Our end of year group exhibition featuring Gigi Hesterman , Angela McHarrie, Lindsay Harris , Di Cubitt , Silas Hobson ,Kirstine Sadler , Alana McVeigh , Estelle Dean, Berenice Rarig, Mel Dare & Tori Benz.

Wed 18 Oct - Fri 10 Nov 2006 'looking at him' - Mel Dare

Wed 06 Sep - Fri 06 Oct 2006 'Stepping Edge' - Silas Hobson

The first solo exhibition by Silas Hobson of the renowned Lockhart River Art Community, Cape York, far northern Queensland.

Wed 09 Aug - Fri 01 Sep 2006 'Beyond' - Mason Kimber

The thoughts and feelings of embarking on a trip to South America are the inspiration for 'Beyond',my first solo exhibition, as all works allude to the act of taking a journey into the unknown.

Wed 28 Jun - Thu 27 Jul 2006 'Moments in Time' - Lindsay Harris

This is Nyoongar artist Lindsay Harris' first solo painting exhibition using resin, ochre & pigments that are part of his country Kwolyin in the WA wheatbelt. The land, granite rocks and outcrops of this country are portrayed in a strong almost sculptural contemporary(way. Selected images from the exhibition)

Wed 03 May - Sun 28 May 2006 'First Works' - Kirstine Sadler

emerge ART SPACE'S inaugural exhibition and Kirstine Sadler's first solo painting exhibition.


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