Tori Benz

Tori Benz lives and works in Perth, W.A.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at Curtin University of Technology in 2000, returning in 2002 to complete Honours. 

Working from a collection of inherited family films and photography, and from her own experiences with motherhood, Benz’s works create paused moments that tease out the everyday tensions and possibilities that domestic relationship can evoke.

Benz’s works are intended to exploit the tactility of traditional drawing and painting materials and techniques. Cultivating a tentative viewpoint, she employs these materials in a manner so that meaning and material can simultaneously reference completeness and trace, absence and presence, whilst exploring various aspects of the ubiquitous nature of her subject matter. In doing this she hopes to explore motherhood beyond commodified and simplistic pictorial representations.

Benz is a Sessional Academic and Technical Officer in the School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Enquiry at Curtin University.

Tori Benz

Curriculum Vitae

Tori-Benz-CV-2020.doc (40kB)



TORI BENZ - Still (study no. 2) TORI BENZ - Still (study no. 2)
TORI BENZ - Vessel (study no. 1) TORI BENZ - Vessel (study no. 1)
TORI BENZ - Vessel (study no. 2) TORI BENZ - Vessel (study no. 2)
TORI BENZ - Still (study no. 1) TORI BENZ - Still (study no. 1) sold

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