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'It is Not Down in Any Map; True Places Never Are' - Jarrad Martyn Wed 12 Feb - Fri 06 Mar 2020

It is Not Down in Any Map; True Places Never Are  is a new solo exhibition by Jarrad Martyn of a series of paintings and drawings which explore humanity’s relationship with the natural environment. The process of bricolage, (something constructed from a diverse range of things) is used to collate academic research and the associated imagery to create an alternate conversation. The contrasting motifs are used to explore the relationship between industry and the environment, species hierarchy, as well as the conservation function of zoos. Conversely, some works also tell a universal story that aims to unite humanity, while also suggesting what (if anything) the act of painting can offer to environmental conversation.

'Exit Wounds' - Richard Healy Wed 12 Feb - Fri 06 Mar 2020

Exit Wounds is a series of works by Richard Healy exploring the deconstruction and fragmentation of the figure to create an unnerving moment of tension. Unfinished or incomplete compositions provoke a sinister sense of unease, leaving the viewer to feel they have arrived late to a scene. Like a physical exit wound, a gaping void is left behind; with no beginning and no end, the eye lingers on the canvas and a new narrative forms. 

Richard Healy is a Perth born, Australian artist currently residing in the coastal town of Byron Bay, NSW. Exit Wounds is a series of works created during Healy’s recent residency at STALA CONTEMPORARY.

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