LINDSAY HARRIS - Ngorp Korraar #1 (Blood of the Ancients)

There is a lake near Kellerberrin which is wernadjin (it is a spirit place). The lake has both red ochre and white pipe clay. The red ochre is the blood of one of the ancient ones who in The Dreaming travelled across the country. Here he bled and for years since the Noongar have coloured themselves and their country with the sacred blood in memory of the one who passed this way. This is why I call the painting Ngorp Korraar the Blood of the Ancients.

These Ngorp Korraar images are about walking out to a hole in the middle of the salt lake. When you place your hand into the hole you grab a hand full of red ochre, this ochre I have used occasionally when painting. This grey painting represents when the lake is covered with water. The dotted lines represent the fence posts which have not been a suitable defence in the invasion of salt.

Product no: LH14
Price: $5,000.00


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