'Unresolving' - Kathryn Haug


That does not resolve (something or someone); without resolution. (Oxford Dictionary 2016)


1.Dissolve… disintegrate, analyse, break up into parts, dissipate, convert or be converted into, reduce by mental analysis into

2. Solve, explain, clear up, settle…

3. Decide upon, make up one’s mind upon action or doing or to do… (Oxford Dictionary 1964)


These works are drawn from photographs new and old. Some are photographs I have taken, and others were taken by family members: these are subjects and landscapes familiar to me. The selected photographs are cropped down to a small section, sometimes as small as 1x1cm, to remove  details that are not needed for the composition. As a result, there is a limited amount of information to draw from, and as the image is enlarged to fit the canvas, the focus turns to the paint itself: the textures, colours and marks. I have removed parts of the original image, blotted areas out, or simplified; I have allowed the paint to have its way, creating serendipitous drips, pools, blobs and flicks.

In some ways the painting process is attempting to resolve the image and the memory associated with it, but at the same time the process may have created the reverse: something that is unresolved. 

                This exhibition is dedicated to my dad, Erik. Kathryn Haug September 2016




KATHRYN HAUG - Blackened Landscape

KATHRYN HAUG - Blackened Landscape  

oil on canvas 2016, 140 x 180cm

KATHRYN HAUG - Dissolving

KATHRYN HAUG - Dissolving 

oil on canvas 2016, 44 x 44.5cm 

KATHRYN HAUG - Fluid Landscape

KATHRYN HAUG - Fluid Landscape 

oil on board 2016, 79.5 x 59cm


KATHRYN HAUG - Gloaming 

oil on canvas 2016, 71 x 91.5cm 

KATHRYN HAUG - Hill Shadow

KATHRYN HAUG - Hill Shadow 

oil on board 2016, 39.5 x 29cm

Kathryn Haug - Metamorphic Landscape

Kathryn Haug - Metamorphic Landscape 

oil on canvas 2016, 51 x 100cm

KATHRYN HAUG - Reflective Landscape

KATHRYN HAUG - Reflective Landscape 

oil on board 2016, 44.5 x 60.5cm

KATHRYN HAUG - Green Hill Landscape

KATHRYN HAUG - Green Hill Landscape sold

oil on canvas 2016, 70 x 70cm

KATHRYN HAUG - Half-light

KATHRYN HAUG - Half-light sold

oil on board 2016, 61 x 45cm 

KATHRYN HAUG - Horse and Rider I

KATHRYN HAUG - Horse and Rider I sold

oil on board 2016, 40 x 29.5cm

KATHRYN HAUG - Horse and Rider II

KATHRYN HAUG - Horse and Rider II sold

oil on canvas 2016, 25.5 x 51cm 

KATHRYN HAUG - Horse and Rider III

KATHRYN HAUG - Horse and Rider III sold

oil on board 2016, 31.5 x 31.5cm 

KATHRYN HAUG - Long Shadows I

KATHRYN HAUG - Long Shadows I sold

oil on board 2016, 31 x 30cm

KATHRYN HAUG - Long Shadows II

KATHRYN HAUG - Long Shadows II sold

oil on board 2016, 31.5 x 29cm


KATHRYN HAUG - Shade sold

oil on board 2016, 31.5 x 30cm 


KATHRYN HAUG - Two Trees sold

oil on canvas 2016, 51 x 41cm


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