'The Affordable/Collectable Lockhart River Show 2010'

The second in our annual series of 'Affordable/Collectable' Group exhibitions from the highly acclaimed Lockhart River Art Community. Featured will be dynamic new works by the currently highly sought after Patrick Butcher , Cheryl Accoom , 'Old Girls' Susie Pascoe , Doris Platt & Elizabeth 'Queenie' Giblet , Irene Namok and Fiona Omeenyo and Josiah Omeenyo.


  • Josiah Omeenyo
  • Cheryl Accoom
  • Patrick Butcher
  • Elizabeth Queenie Giblet
  • Irene Namok
  • Fiona Omeenyo
  • Sue Pascoe
  • Doris Platt



12 Cleaver St, WEST PERTH WA 6005

GALLERY HOURS (During Exhibitions):
Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Or by appointment

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