'Dancing in the dark' - Michelle Hyland


Being interested in popular and contemporary youth cultures, my artwork is an attempt to capture the atmospheric, exciting vibrancy of people dancing in the urban spaces. 

Initially interested in the dance mania phenomenon of the 14th century, further research led me to exploring the theories of Ben Malbon who researches the cultures and spaces of clubbing. In my work, I responded to the experience of moving without thought and letting go within a group of strangers at the Laneway Festival in the city.

My images are sourced with a low tech device of my iphone and translated into large paintings in oil. I attempt to capture the movement of the crowd dancing, the lighting effects of the luminous buildings being lit at night, and the connected feeling of being together with others in the moment.




12 Cleaver St, WEST PERTH WA 6005

GALLERY HOURS (During Exhibitions):
Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Or by appointment

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