Eric Hynynen


Eric Hynynen is an award winning Finnish-Australian artist, whose works are collected locally and internationally. Eric captures a humanity that connects people with art and is best known for his bold, thought provoking paintings and videos. Drawing from Eric’s years residing in Finland, his work is informed by Nordic minimalism.

Art is created when an idea meets the material world in a perfect way. Eric sees the potential of simplicity. Art can inspire us to make positive changes to our lives, appreciate the beauty of our natural environment and helps us to recognise that everything is connected. “I see my practice as a form of resistance, taking a critical view of social, political and environmental issues. Unrestrained capitalism is destroying the planet with it’s relentless production of new stuff. I feel that the key to our future lies in us collectively reconnecting with nature with each action being sustainably held accountable.”

 Hynynen’s practice moves seamlessly between painting, video and sculpture, which he refers to as mixed media paintings made from discarded materials. His two-tone palettes invite a meditative contemplation of dichotomies in society and provide a counterpoint between ‘man-made’ modernity, consumerism and expectation against the value and potential of simplicity in the natural world.

 The Canvascape series of abstract, sculptural works take their starting point from the tradition of using paint on canvas. They are enquiries into form and material. These are contrasted with two-tone, minimal paintings that explore the limits of figuration. The images are reduced to their bare essentials: fore ground/background or light and shadow.






acrylic on canvas 2014, 120 x 150cm


12 Cleaver St, WEST PERTH WA 6005

GALLERY HOURS (During Exhibitions):
Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Or by appointment

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