Angela McHarrie

Angela McHarrie is a West Australian artist with a multidisciplinary practice. 

Ambiguity and interpretation, in both a perceptual and cognitive sense, are central to her works.  She is interested in visual symbols, the conveyance of information and binary oppositions.  Her works often feature a reduction of signs to their elemental presence which can result in sculptures and paintings with a geometric sensitivity.  Other works challenge perceptions or emanate from her interest in the poststructuralist analysis of language with its emphasis on the uncertainty of meaning, gaps in our knowledge and the limitations of our understanding.

Her works are a three way partnership between idea, aesthetic and materials.  Formally, they reflect her interest in shape, line, volume, colour and spatial relationships.  She places considerable value on making with an emphasis on precisely rendered works, which reflect a certainty of execution in opposition to the uncertainty of the meaning.

She holds a Bachelor of Art from Curtin University and is a member of the Vice-Chancellor's List.  She maintains a strong commitment to exhibiting and her work is held in public, corporate and private collections.  She has completed over twenty public art commissions over the past ten years, many in collaboration with Tony and Ben Jones.

October 2020

Curriculum Vitae

ANGELA-MCHARRIE-CV-2020.pdf (pdf 150kB)


  • Wed 28 Aug - Wed 18 Sep 2013 'Eclectica' - Group Exhibition

    A group exhibition by some of the eclectic and interesting artists we represent, including some we haven't shown for a while! 

  • Wed 13 Feb - Sun 09 Mar 2008 'mix' - A group exhibition

    Featuring painting and sculpture by emerge artists Pierre Capponi, Di Cubitt, Estelle Dean, Lindsay Harris, Gigi Hesterman, Mason Kimber, Angela McHarrie, Alana McVeigh, Berenice Rarig, Felicity Sivewright and introducing Jonah Cacioppe, Sharon Dawes, Daniel Iley and Jake Snell .

  • Tue 13 Mar - Wed 04 Apr 2007 'believing is seeing' - Angela McHarrie

    'believing is seeing' is a playful exploration of our relationship to the objects around us and how what we know influences what we see.

  • Wed 22 Nov - Fri 15 Dec 2006 'WRAPPED UP' - Group Exhibition

    Our end of year group exhibition featuring Gigi Hesterman , Angela McHarrie, Lindsay Harris , Di Cubitt , Silas Hobson ,Kirstine Sadler , Alana McVeigh , Estelle Dean, Berenice Rarig, Mel Dare & Tori Benz.



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