Adam Hisham Ismail

Adam Hisham Ismail is a Western Australian based sculpture artist. He has been active for twelve years, having exhibited in multiple group and solo shows and has received first place awards at several city council art awards including Town of Victoria Park. He has created a variety of commercial and private commissions including works which sit in the Liz and Lloyd Horn Collection. His work features mixed materials, dealing heavily with dreams, allegory and thematic symbology.

Through a sort of allegory in which abstract ideas and dreams are personified, he endeavours to re-contextualise these concepts so that they might read as foreign bodies; strange or alien, yet possessing a likeness or odd and sometimes uneasy familiarity. Ismail aims to pull together a series of elements, sentiments and parallels as pragmatically and decisively as possible without being too officious; leaving the window of speculation and irony wide open.

Primarily using woods, he shapes the scaffolding of the dream, using found objects and dismantled machine parts as transplanted life support organs. Finer features, membranes and skins are formed with paints and glazes before dealing with the heart of the beast. Assemblage is a major driving method in these works where the desired primary outcome is for a new organism - a ‘gathering’, a somewhat ‘Frankenstein’ approach...

His most recent work presents as a kind of dysfunctional totemic suite - interrogating the nature of obsolete beauty in design and form where aesthetics are disrupted, subverted and reconstituted. Process in tension with Product.

Adam Hisham Ismail - 2017

ARTIST STATEMENT 'WIP' (Work in Progress) 2018 - Adam Hisham Ismail

Adam Hisham Ismail's 'WIP' (Work in Progress) works move in between the representation of the identifiable parts of the world as they stand, and how they are then transformed by circumstance and context into objects that are quite other than they appear. He refers to his works as ‘tales of ordinary madness’, stories and images brought together from incongruous sources. His works sit in a physical space that appear half crafted, half scavenged, where machines interbreed and they demand the audience weave their own experience into this world, where the myths and values of an ancient world long past squats in the detritus of our contemporary world.

ARTIST STATEMENT 'reincarnation' 2018 - Adam Hisham Ismail

'reincarnation' - (ghosts on the shore)

My current organic/industrial forms, in their ghostly white, are reincarnations of those first ships and figures on Australian shores. Viewed by the original inhabitants as perhaps ghosts of past ancestors; and their great vessel, as a supernatural floating island. 

My vessels are influenced by the Industrial forms of the built environment we see today. Machines, in use or derelict,  influence my art forms and represent the continued endeavours of those labours to carve out this country. 

My work in 'reincarnation' seeks to make us aware of those ghosts of colonisers.  Whose relatively recent, often violent and hard won colonisation haunts both their own heirs and the disinherited. 

Curriculum Vitae

Adam-Hisham-Ismail-CV-2017.docx (docx 24kB)


  • Wed 11 Dec - Fri 10 Jan 2020 'Seasonal Salon' - STALA CONTEMPORARY artists (Gallery A)

    A salon hang of some of the works of the incredible artists who exhibit at STALA CONTEMPORARY. Join us to celebrate the amazing art year that was! Works pictured here are just an indication and will be available to cash and carry after Opening Night.

  • Tue 11 Dec - Sat 12 Jan 2019 'WIP' (Work in Progress) - Group Exhibition (Image courtesy Ian Williams artist)

    STALA CONTEMPORARY is proud to celebrate the opening of its new gallery premises with its inaugural group exhibition 'WIP (Work in Progress' running 11 -29 December 2018. Featuring an exuberant and eclectic assembly of 17 exceptional artists:

    Adam Hisham Ismail/ Alex Maciver/ Anna Sabadini/ Anne Walmsley/ Ayad Alqaragholli/ Denise Pepper/ Di Cubitt/ Ellen Norrish/ Jarrad Martyn/ Kathryn Haug/ Kim Hyunji/ Liam Dee/ Marcia Espinosa/ Michelle Hyland/ Richard Healy/ Sue Leeming/ Wade Taylor

    Affordable/Collectable Art from the West End Arts Precinct to you!

    Image courtesy Ian Williams artist

  • Tue 13 Mar - Fri 23 Mar 2018 'reincarnation' - Group Exhibition

    'reincarnation' is the first group exhibition to celebrate the launch of STALA CONTEMPORARY. Running TUESDAY 13 - Friday 23 March 'reincarnation' features a stellar line up of 13 diverse and dynamic contemporary artists from WA, Melbourne and Sydney,. STALA CONTEMPORARY is thrilled to be featuring painting, drawing and sculptures by Richard Healy (Sydney), Kim Hyunji (Melbourne), Kathryn Haug, Jarrad Martyn, Alex Maciver, Wade Taylor, Michelle Hyland, Di Cubitt, Ayad Alqaragholli, Marcia Espinosa, Anne Walmsley, Ellen Norrish and Adam Hisham Ismail.

    Participating artists have been invited to exhibit new or recent works that respond to the theme of reincarnation.

  • Thu 17 May - Sat 02 Jun 2012 'Half Follies' - Pierre Capponi

    This is Pierre Capponi's important third solo exhibition featuring his signature distinctive pressed tin sculptures.


ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - Dissembling before the night

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - Dissembling before the night 

mixed media 2018, 27h x 42w x 25d cm (Image Studio Payoka & Lili Riecken)

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - The object and the organism I

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - The object and the organism I 

mixed media 2018, 20h x 31w x 21d cm (Image Studio Payoka & Lili Riecken)

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - The object and the organism II

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - The object and the organism II 

mixed media 2018, 20h x 20w x 20d cm (Image Studio Payoka & Lili Riecken)

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - THe object and the organism III

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - THe object and the organism III 

mixed media 2018, 16h x 33w x 15d cm (Image Studio Payoka & Lili Riecken)

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - I have seen a forest of myself

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - I have seen a forest of myself sold

mixed media 2018, 28h x 31w x 33d cm (image Studio Payoka & Lili Riecken)


ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - Night Swimming sold

mixed media 2018, 20h x 30w x 26d cm (Image Studio Payoka & Lili Riecken)

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - The Kakerlakens

ADAM HISHAM ISMAIL - The Kakerlakens sold

mixed media 2018, 20h x 33w x 25d cm (Image Studio Payoka & Lili Riecken)


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