'In My Cupboard' - Anne Walmsley and 'Luminosity' - Alana McVeigh

'In My Cupboard' - ANNE WALMSLEY


In My Cupboard is a still-life series that have a nostalgic feel. These works are part of my on-going investigations into the ordinary, domestic ‘everyday’. I value objects, materials or spaces as carriers of time and memory.

This painted series depict sections of my old wood and glass kitchen wall cupboard that has a prominent position in my house. It’s filled with a collected menagerie of everyday crockery and china, including some really old pieces that I have inherited from my long gone Grandmothers. Even though these are fragile and precious I use them regularly.

The compositions are not composed as in traditional still-life but selected from what is already there. They are representations of momentary recognitions- glimpses I see from my daily interaction with this cupboard. My eyes glance - focused or not, upwards and down, across wards, inside and out in this process. These are subtle normal actions made automatically and without a conscious thought.

I’m engaged with abstraction together with the observed rendering of the image. I have emphasised angles of door frames and condensed their imagined extended directional lines within the picture frame. The fragile nature of the china itself is reflected in the delicate dabs of paint and small twists of the brush I’ve used to describe the objects.

'Luminosity' - ALANA McVEIGH


Luminosity The subtle nuances of light shifts diffused through the snow filled clouds of the Canadian sky and the crisp clear light of Western Australia, Luminosity explores the diverse atmospheric effects between the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Through pattern development by examining the river systems and mapping of Medicine Hat in Canada, and Perth, Western Australia, this body of work investigates the relationship between light, pattern and the ceramic form.




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