Alana McVeigh

'Beauty finds its finest expression in static forms, in which a fragment of action or movement finds equilibrium and repose, and for which simplicity of expression is more suitable than a wealth of detail.'

Umberto Eco

My work examines the simpicity of form, a sense of stillness and an enquiry into aesthetics.

Within my quest to identify notions of particular aesthetics and beauty, I examine the rich history, classical standards and aesthetic sensibility inherent within some Eastern cultures.

I have chosen porcelain as my main medium for its superior qualities of translucency and pure white colour. These qualities enhance the aesthetic qualities and sensory associations I am striving to achieve within my work.

Alana McVeigh 2007


  • Wed 11 Dec - Fri 10 Jan 2020 'Seasonal Salon' - STALA CONTEMPORARY artists (Gallery A)

    A salon hang of some of the works of the incredible artists who exhibit at STALA CONTEMPORARY. Join us to celebrate the amazing art year that was! Works pictured here are just an indication and will be available to cash and carry after Opening Night.

  • Wed 22 Jul - Wed 19 Aug 2015 'Medley' - Group exhibition

    An eclectic group exhibition by some of our favourite artists including Kathryn Haug, Chloe Tupper, Di Cubitt, Jarrad Martyn, Dianne Gall, Alana McVeigh and Denise Pepper.

  • Wed 23 Jul - Sat 09 Aug 2014 'REFORMATION' - Alana McVeigh

    Alana McVeigh's work is primarily an investigation of the vessel through simplicity, line and shape. This recent body of work 'REFORMATION' questions the idea of 'the vessel' through a series of deconstructed/reconstructed wheel thrown forms. The works are driven by an engagement with the making and sensory understanding by the maker.

    REFORMATION Series 1, is an ongoing exploration and experimentation extending from Alana's current PhD research. Each reconstruction is influenced by the joins, intersecting lines, shadow and markings found in architecture, in both Europe and Western Australia during her recent artist in residence engagements.

    Alana is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Fremantle Arts Centre and gratefully acknowledges their assistance. 

  • Wed 17 Oct - Fri 02 Nov 2012 'In My Cupboard' - Anne Walmsley and 'Luminosity' - Alana McVeigh

    The first painting solo exhibition by Anne Walmsley at emerge ART SPACE. In My Cupboard is a still-life series that have a nostalgic feel. These works are part of Anne's on-going investigations into the ordinary, domestic ‘everyday’. She values objects, materials or spaces as carriers of time and memory.

  • Tue 06 Dec - Fri 16 Dec 2011 'Directors' Cut' - Group Exhibition

    An engaging selection of new and stockroom works including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glass and jewellery from a selection of emerge's represented artists including Pierre Capponi, Di Cubitt, Sharon Dawes, Estelle Dean, Dianne Gall, Kathryn Haug, Lindsay Harris, Thomas Heidt, Gigi Hesterman, Alana McVeigh, Ben Sherar, Felicity Sivewright, David Small, Catherine Swioklo and jewellery designer Charlotte Sykora.

  • Wed 21 Apr - Fri 07 May 2010 'Disconnection'- Claire Steele / 'Osmosis' - Alana McVeigh

    A joint solo exhibition between award winning portrait painter Claire Steele and acclaimed ceramicist Alana McVeigh.

  • Wed 29 Apr - Fri 15 May 2009 'OBJECTIFY' - A group exhibition

    Featuring the sculptures of Thomas Heidt, Pierre Capponi and Daniel Iley, new southern ice porcelain vessels by ceramicist Alana McVeigh, jewellery by up-and-coming jewellers Kim Wong and Justin Linney, Katrina Virgona's textile a works, glass forms by Denise Pepper and bronze sculptures by Ayad Alqaragholli.

  • Sun 17 Jun - Fri 06 Jul 2007 'ALINED' - Lindsay Harris & Alana McVeigh

    Joint solo exhibitions by acclaimed Nyoongar contemporary painter Lindsay Harris and the ethereal Southern Ice porcelain vessels of ceramicist Alana McVeigh.

  • Wed 22 Nov - Fri 15 Dec 2006 'WRAPPED UP' - Group Exhibition

    Our end of year group exhibition featuring Gigi Hesterman , Angela McHarrie, Lindsay Harris , Di Cubitt , Silas Hobson ,Kirstine Sadler , Alana McVeigh , Estelle Dean, Berenice Rarig, Mel Dare & Tori Benz.


ALANA MCVEIGH - Shape of Light Series: 3

ALANA MCVEIGH - Shape of Light Series: 3

porcelain 2018, 23 x 20 x 20cm

ALANA MCVEIGH - Sea Grass Series: 18

ALANA MCVEIGH - Sea Grass Series: 18

porcelain, dimensions variable

ALANA MCVEIGH - Sea Grass Series: 19

ALANA MCVEIGH - Sea Grass Series: 19

porcelain 2010, dimensiions variable

ALANA MCVEIGH - Sea Grass Series: 20

ALANA MCVEIGH - Sea Grass Series: 20

porcelain 2010, dimensions variable



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