'Re-' Tanya van Irsen

4-June-2014 - 28-June-2014

Tanya van Irsen seeks/is attracted to the formal qualities in everyday objects that are often overlooked and undesirable. She draws attention to the inherent beauty of these objects by using processes of photography and reproduction to isolate and replicate elements of line and pattern. van Irsen’s use of black and white materials reduce any potential for emotional responses to colour, allowing the viewer to focus purely on the geometric attributes of the work. Through van Irsen’s processes, the object’s original three dimensional state is reduced to two, then reconfigured in new forms so that one might see something that already exists in a new light.


Tanya van Irsen is keen to immerse the viewer in a purely visual experience so that they are drawn in by what they see and gradually engage with the work, exploring it and letting it engulf them on their own terms. van Irsen’s practice is an investigation into what constitutes a line, and, how we see (perceive) and interpret these lines. Her work explores the perception of order and chaos in repetition and replication. 

**Please see link to a wonderful review by Laetitia Wilson in 'The West Australian' Today Arts section Mon 16 June 2014** https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/entertainment/arts/a/24256268/patterned-beauty-at-emerge/

'Re-'  Tanya van Irsen

Guest Artists

  • Tanya van Irsen

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