'Adjustment' - Felicity Sivewright

27-August-2014 - 20-September-2014

Over the past few years my art practice has shifted focus from delicate organic pattern and become bolder. Scenes of ‘progress’ in the form of construction sites, road works and mining images around Western Australia have offered alternative sources of visual material from which to generate new work.

With this in mind I began to consider how these elements impacted my way of seeing and being in the world, internally and externally. What shapes wanted to appear, which colours came forward and how did space speak -which led to pondering the visual possibilities of such questions.

The ongoing themes of pattern, shape and space continue to exist within these new works however overall the work has become more experimental in material use, form and scale.  Playing with a range of creative processes has allowed new ways of considering how this informs the ever unfolding visual narrative. These processes include initial layers of fluidly poured paint and pattern construction using simple print making techniques.  The use of masking tape has been applied to create sharp edged forms and detailed mark making using tiny brush strokes helps fill certain parts of the pictorial space. Finally, collage adds another layer to activate the interplay between process, imagery and meaning.

'Adjustment' - Felicity Sivewright

Guest Artists

  • Felicity Sivewright

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