'REFORMATION' - Alana McVeigh

23-July-2014 - 9-August-2014

Alana McVeigh's work is primarily an investigation of the vessel through simplicity, line, shape and form. This current body of work questions the idea of 'the vessel' through a series of wheel thrown deconstructed and reconstructed forms The works are driven by an engagement with the making and sensory understanding by the maker.

REFORMATION Series 1, is an ongoing exploration and experimentation extending from Alana's current PhD research. Each reconstruction is influenced by the joins, intersecting lines, shadow and markings found in architecture, in both Europe and Western Australia during her recent artist in residence engagements.

Alana is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Fremantle Arts Centre and gratefully acknowledges their assistance.

'REFORMATION' - Alana McVeigh

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Alana McVeigh

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