'Grasp'- Kathryn Haug

9-February-2011 - 25-February-2011

This is Kathryn Haug's second solo exhibition and this new work continues an exploration of the paint medium and the manipulation of paint. The work focuses on the materiality of paint - the way it looks, feels and behaves - as well as investigating the act of making a representation of something directly from life; where observation, correction, repetition, and passing time come into play.

Through choice of subject matter and the process of composing each painting- during which decisions are made as to which information to include and which to leave out- the work has developed an undercurrent of romanticism or nostalgia: a longing for something which really only exists in memory or imagination, where details are forgotten and undesirable parts ignored.

'Grasp'- Kathryn Haug

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Kathryn Haug


KATHRYN HAUG - Fabricated Landscape KATHRYN HAUG - Fabricated Landscape sold

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