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Fri 25 Nov - Sat 17 Dec 2016 'Unresolving' - Kathryn Haug

emerge ART SPACE is delighted to be holding Kathryn Haug's important fifth solo painting exhibition 'Unresolving' at Turner Galleries' Engine Room 2 opening 6pm FRIDAY 25 November and running until Saturday 17 December 2016. We look forward to seeing all of our clients, old and new at this fabulous new show! 

Thu 10 Dec - Sun 20 Dec 2015 'Glass and More' Xmas Emporium - Glass Group Exhibition (Gallery hire exhibition)

A group exhibition of nine acclaimed glass artists at emerge ART SPACE - Denise Pepper, Nada Kesic, Vivienne Jagger, Ian Kay, Janine Koefoed, Greg Ash, Sylvana Ferrario and Myra Staffa.

Thu 22 Oct - Sat 05 Dec 2015 'Cold Light' - Anne Walmsley

This beautiful painting exhibition expands on a continuing project of Anne Walmsley's experiences in France and Catalonia observed and felt through an extremely cold spring. Romanticism, beauty, nostalgia and time permeate the paintings of 'Cold Light'...a collection of interiors, exteriors and still life paintings that observe tradition. This is Anne's third solo at emerge. 

Tue 06 Oct - Sun 11 Oct 2015 (Gallery hire photographic exhibition) - 'TRANSITION' - Anita Ozolins

Anita Ozolins is a Writer, Photographer and Teacher. She travels all over the world and aims to capture images to inspire people to live their dreams and pursue their passions within the finite time we have on this planet. 'TRANSITION'  is her first solo photographic exhibition. 


Wed 02 Sep - Fri 25 Sep 2015 'Tales and tailings' - Gigi Hesterman

Gigi Hesterman returns to emerge ART SPACE for ‘Tales and tailings’, a body of work that explores the impermanence of even extraordinarily large human endeavours. This is Gigi’s third solo exhibition at emerge ART SPACE.

Wed 22 Jul - Wed 19 Aug 2015 'Medley' - Group exhibition

An eclectic group exhibition by some of our favourite artists including Kathryn Haug, Chloe Tupper, Di Cubitt, Jarrad Martyn, Dianne Gall, Alana McVeigh and Denise Pepper.

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