'Morphology' - Daniel Iley

My exhibition 'Morphology' is the culmination of an industrious few months of intensive creativity post house and studio relocation at the beginning of the year.

The concept was to create a series of sculptural works based on plant and insect morphology with a focus on details, diversity and strong points of interest. Some of the works were conceptually devised and drew upon specific research and direct observation. Others were spontaneously inspired during the flow of creation and by the resources around me. This spontaneous process is a natural part of my practice and even with planned works; I always leave room for it. For me it’s largely in the doing, and in that space I always find nice surprises, new discoveries and fresh ideas. And the result is new and interesting artworks.

This exhibition explores a continuing interest in creating organic artworks based on real and imagined, botanical and natural forms.

Some new and interesting mediums and processes have been used alongside my more familiar methods of working with found wood and steel. Throughout the work I’ve aimed for a level of detail and finish that still allowed the materials to have a voice, I didn’t want to disguise how they were made or what they were made of. If it was steel, I wanted to show it, bold, malleable, organic, bright. If it was wood, I wanted to show a level of workmanship but be sure it still echoed its origins.

If I wanted it to say anything, it would be remember, and enjoy, the beauty and wonder of the living world around you.

I hope you see it, everyday.


  • Daniel Iley



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