'Remove the Truth' - Studio Payoka Artists (Adam Hisham Ismail, William Leggett, Michele Ulrich & Scott Robson)

Remove the Truth presents new works by artists Adam Hisham Ismail, William Leggett, Scott Robson and Michelle Ulrich at STALA CONTEMPORARY.  Emerging from artist collective Studio Payoka, the exhibition explores ideas stemming from the concept of removing ‘the truth’ and the possible nature of that which remains.

The exhibition combines sculpture, painting, photography and works on paper that seek to examine the vexing relationship of existence and memory.  Remove the Truth surveys the fractures in perceived reality in both the moment and as recollection.  It explores the mechanisms of the human mind that need to enforce a linear, logical and sequential understanding of the inherently disjointed nature of life and its narratives.

Remove the Truth merges conceptual and material-driven processes.  Alternate and multiple realities are exhumed from the subconscious and examined.  Perceived realities familiar yet alien push against the nature of existence and speculate on the unreliability  of truth in our human experience.  

Architecturally formed concrete modules, figurative oil paintings laden with personal symbolism, operatic psycho narratives and collages of allegorical scenes engage and draw viewers into a disparate yet conceptually threaded range of work.  Remove the Truth presents a dynamic and cohesive body of visual/experiential ideas that encourages the viewer to ‘remove the truth’ from the worlds that encompass them and to inspect the slippage between that which is distilled, and that which is discarded.

Established in 2015, Studio Payoka is a collective of contemporary West Australian visual artists. Studio Payoka encourages dialogue and an exchange of ideas between its artists through the acts of exhibiting, collaborating and supporting each other. This community focused model has led to a strengthening of each artists respective practice. Alongside this, an increased focus on promotion and exhibiting has resulted in high profile acquisitions and private commissions.




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