'Glass Half Full' Exhibition - Glass Artists (WA) Group Exhibition

Greg Ash. My work is influenced by the colours of the Western Australian landscape. The light in the landscape is something I aspired to imitate. The transparency in our waters like those of Ningaloo or Rottnest Island, the ever-changing colours of place like the Karijini Gorges or our spectacular and diverse wildflowers is what gets me up in the morning.

My style does vary with murrine being a special interest. Experimentation with other methods to explore their possibilities is an ongoing project.

Jo-Anne Maire. I am a scientist. For me, there can be no joy in creating art without the tension of potential failure. Every success is either built upon or cast aside, never repeated. Every failure is scrutinised, dissected, analysed until it is understood and neutralised. My body of work is therefore eclectic, mainly representative, always different. I am an artist.

Silvana Ferrario

I developed a passion for glass over the years and have progressed from lead-lighting to fusing and casting.  Glass has an immense versatility and is one of the few mediums that can transmit as well as reflect glass.  I use a range of techniques that I have learnt and developed, often making use of the movement arising from the fluidity of the glass when it is hot.

My inspiration comes from my experiences, memories and surroundings.  This varies from the ocean inspired pieces reflecting my experiences as a subsea engineer and scuba diver, to pieces inspired by my rural setting in the hills, and work reflecting memories of when I was young.  With my scientific background, I also like to investigate the geometry present in both manmade and naturally occurring structures, and the opposition to the fluidity of the natural elements. 

Anne Sorensen

My glass work has often developed from the beauty I see within my own environment, as well as my own experiences in general. My glass career began as a lead lighter, and I was heavily influenced by glass history and the Arts and Crafts movement, producing glass panels and also glass for many projects, including furniture. Producing Tiffany style lamps was also a large part of my practice.

Vivienne Jagger

My glass work is inspired by the natural world; the colour of our Australian bush, the movement of water, and the constant changing of the sea and sky. And I love the unlimited possibilities of working in glass - to consider not only the idea, the colour and shape, but also the effect of light on and through the work.  To take a material so unyielding, and to soften, fuse and shape it to create something entirely new, is wonderfully rewarding. 

Jeffrey V. Turner I am an un-emerged West Australian glass artist.   I have been kiln-forming glass since 2007 which originally came about because I did some scientific glassblowing with pyrex glass.  Influences that guide my work include Jugendstil geometric designs and mathematical generation and production of designs in glass.  Because I was trained in chemistry, I have a keen interest in developing new glass techniques and methods. To realise my artistic expression I am currently developing ‘Glassbot’, computer-driven 2D glass printing technology using glass powder or paste, The featured panel as illustrated was produced by running out a continuous trace of glass powder onto sheet glass using Glassbot.





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