'Bloom' - Wade Taylor

Bloom explores the relationship between painting and the film image, between personal memory and its connection with the histories of those who are strangers. Working from a long-ago acquired collection of 35mm Kodachrome film slides kept in repository, Wade interprets images and worlds that he has had no direct experience with. Locations, subjects and time periods are unknown but through the process of painting the subjects take on a personal dimension, borrowing memories and elaborating, editing, and drawing out narrative. This is a process of restoring life to forgotten histories, but an imprecise one; the image is always inconclusive. The works fluctuate between representation and abstraction, frustrating the narrative and emphasising the unknowable nature of the image. Employing the saturated palette of the Kodachrome process, Bloom draws on the cyclic themes of renewal and death inherent with lives lived in fullness, that may just as soon be relegated to obscurity or basement storage.



WADE TAYLOR - The Approach

WADE TAYLOR - The Approach 

oil on wood 2019, 53 x 63cm

WADE TAYLOR - The Breather

WADE TAYLOR - The Breather 

oil on wood 2019, 78 x 104cm


WADE TAYLOR - The Scout 

oil on wood 2019, 25 x 33cm 

WADE TAYLOR - The Evening

WADE TAYLOR - The Evening sold

oil on wood 2019, 42 x 42cm 

WADE TAYLOR - The Reception

WADE TAYLOR - The Reception sold

oil on wood 2019, 43 x 53cm

WADE TAYLOR - The Stretch

WADE TAYLOR - The Stretch sold

oil on wood 2019, 78 x 104cm 

WADE TAYLOR - The Tableau

WADE TAYLOR - The Tableau sold

oil on wood 2019, 63 x 94cm 


WADE TAYLOR - The Wall sold

oil on wood 2019, 48 x 64cm


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